Creating a flexible, multi-purpose office space in Houghton Regis

SJP aimed to refurbish this vacant building and prepare it for rental as a versatile workspace


Located in Houghton Regis, SJP aimed to refurbish this vacant building and prepare it for rental as a versatile workspace. Our objective was to design and construct an area that could be easily reconfigured to suit the needs of future tenants and a variety of needs, whether they required a traditional office layout or a more dynamic, multipurpose space.

The Scope of Work SJP Interiors undertook a comprehensive range of tasks to transform the empty building into a contemporary, functional office-ready space. The scope of work included:

  • Screeding
  • Flooring installation
  • Plasterboard linings
  • Decoration (painting, finishes, etc.)
  • Carpentry work
  • Installation of a kitchenette
  • Acoustic panel installation
  • Electrical Installation
  • Air conditioning system installation
  • Supply and installation of a reception counter
  • Access control system implementation


Working together with the client, we delivered a modern, adaptable office space that meets the highest standards of functionality and design. The renovated building now boasts a sleek, open-plan layout with carefully curated design elements, such as acoustic panels for noise control, a welcoming reception area, and a well-appointed kitchenette.

The flexible nature of the space allows future tenants to easily reconfigure the layout to suit their specific needs, whether they require traditional office cubicles, collaborative workspaces, or a combination of both. The inclusion of an access control system and air conditioning further enhances the comfort and security of the workspace.


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