How to Design an Office

How to Design an Office

A well-designed office transcends aesthetics. It marries functionality with beauty, creating a conducive environment for both productivity and well-being. When we think of office spaces, we often think of aesthetics, but a perfect blend of functionality and appeal can significantly enhance motivation, efficiency, and even the brand message an organisation aims to project.

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The Impact of Office Design on Productivity

The design of an office isn’t merely about creating an appealing space; it’s a strategic tool for enhancing productivity and well-being. A well-thought-out office layout can streamline workflows, reduce unnecessary movement, and foster collaboration, leading to more efficient processes. Natural light, for instance, has been linked to improved mood and increased concentration, making large windows, and open spaces essential for modern offices. 

Ergonomic furniture reduces physical strain, allowing employees to work longer without discomfort. Similarly, spaces dedicated to relaxation or casual discussions can stimulate creativity and prevent burnout. Conversely, a cramped, dimly-lit office with outdated amenities can impede work, reduce morale, and lead to higher levels of absenteeism. In essence, thoughtful office design isn’t a luxury but an investment in the workforce, yielding dividends in the form of heightened productivity and employee satisfaction.


8 Key Office Design Features

  1. Acoustic Solutions: Experience Tranquility in the Workspace

Noise, an often-overlooked factor, can greatly hinder productivity and concentration. With bustling office environments, the role of noise in disrupting workflow cannot be ignored. Introducing acoustic padding into spaces can be a game-changer in office design. By investing in such solutions:

  • Businesses can reduce external noise distractions.
  • Employees benefit from increased focus.
  • A sense of improved privacy is fostered. Real-world examples abound of companies witnessing improved efficiency after embracing these solutions.

Designing an Office

  1. Mechanical & Electrical: The Underlying Systems that Fuel Commercial Spaces

The technological landscape is ever-evolving, leading to remarkable advancements in the mechanical and electrical systems we embed in offices. Modern systems not only promise efficiency but are also geared towards sustainability and reliability. An upgrade in electrical systems doesn’t just mean seamless operations but also guarantees improved comfort, an aspect integral to employee satisfaction.


  1. Glass Partitions: Balancing Collaboration with Privacy

The open office design, emblematic of modern work cultures, champions transparency and collaboration. This is where glass partitions come into play. Their introduction:

  • Allows a generous influx of natural light.
  • Promotes a sense of collaboration.
  • Ensures that privacy isn’t compromised. Moreover, they strike an admirable balance between aesthetics and functionality, making spaces feel more expansive and integrated.


  1. Flooring & Lighting: Setting the Tone for Work Environments

Flooring, often underestimated, plays a pivotal role in determining an office’s visual appeal. Materials like timber are experiencing a resurgence, appealing not just for aesthetics but also for their eco-friendly attributes. Lighting, on the other hand, is pivotal for maintaining a vibrant workspace. With innovations such as LED lighting, offices can now ensure an ambience that bolsters productivity while also securing energy savings.


  1. Air Conditioning: Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

Air quality, pivotal to worker health and comfort, can significantly influence productivity levels. Modern air conditioning solutions, designed with a focus on improving air quality, promise not just a comfortable temperature but also energy efficiency.


  1. Toilets and Washrooms: Prioritising Hygiene and Efficiency

Restrooms might seem trivial, but they play a profound role in employee satisfaction, mirroring a company’s dedication to detail. Modern toilet solutions focus on:

  • Enhanced hygiene.
  • Water efficiency.
  • Aesthetic appeal. Restrooms have transformed from mere utilities to spaces of comfort.


  1. Internal Glazing: A Touch of Sophistication

Glazing solutions, seamlessly integrated into office interiors, can amplify natural light distribution, crafting an open and breathable atmosphere. Their introduction not only fosters a sense of openness but also infuses spaces with a contemporary touch.

desining an office for productivity

  1. Carpentry and Bespoke Joinery: Crafting Unique Office Interiors

The art of custom carpentry has timeless allure. It can lend a unique essence to an office, echoing a brand’s distinctiveness. Carpentry and bespoke joinery is not confined to aesthetics alone. It masterfully balances functionality and design, ensuring spaces are tailored to specific business prerequisites.



The endeavour to design an office is holistic. It’s not just about an appealing facade but about curating a space that stimulates innovation, productivity, and comfort. As businesses evolve, our office designs must keep pace, mirroring contemporary needs while also anticipating future trends.

Considering an overhaul of your current office setup? Implement some of the design principles discussed here and witness the transformation. For businesses in South East England, SJP Interiors is your go-to specialist for all your office design needs. Reach out today.

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