Avebury: New Build Office Construction

Avebury stands tall as a magnificent seven-story office building, crafted through a new build project.

4,000 SQM

Dry Lining

11,000 SQM


40 weeks

Project Duration

£1 million

Project Value

Avebury stands tall as a magnificent seven-story office building, crafted through a new build project. Our team successfully executed a range of works, including partitions, linings, metal suspended ceilings, glazed partitions, and soft flooring.

The installation of partitions and linings created functional spaces, while metal suspended ceilings added a touch of elegance and practicality. Glazed partitions were skill fully incorporated, enhancing natural light and creating a modern and open atmosphere. Soft flooring solutions provided comfort and added aesthetic appeal to the office spaces.

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We specialise in crafting dynamic workspaces that elevate productivity and ignite a deep passion for work. With our expert team and a proven track record of success, we transform outdated offices and commercial environments into spaces where innovation thrives and motivation soars.


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