Driving Excellence: SJP’s Transformation for Lotus Silverstone’s Office Expansion

Lotus Silverstone, a renowned luxury car dealership, approached us with a distinctive vision for their office expansion. The goal was to create a dedicated office area within the existing building, that included a glazed partition that not only separated the space but also offered a unique view and access for cars to pass through.


The focal point of the project was the installation of the modern glazed partition, designed to define the new showroom area and provide ample space to effectively showcase Lotus’ high-end cars. The successful completion of the Lotus Silverstone project seamlessly integrated an additional office space with a captivating glazed partition, which resulted in a dynamic and functional workspace, exceeding the client’s expectations.


Our commitment to delivering high-quality service is unwavering, regardless of project size. We take pride in applying the same level of dedication and expertise to projects of varying scopes and complexities, and this one was no different.


Contact us today to discover how SJP Interiors can bring our expertise, precision, and innovation to elevate your next project. Let us create remarkable spaces that reflect the excellence and craftsmanship like that of Lotus Silverstone, leaving a lasting impression on your clientele.

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