Hospital Refurbishments

At SJP, we are dedicated to providing hospital fit out and refurbishment services. Our team delivers tailored solutions to match the specific needs of every project.

Transforming Healthcare Spaces

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Patient-Centric Design Solutions

SJP specialises in delivering expert hospital fit out solutions to enhance your healthcare facility’s functionality and efficiency. Whether you seek to optimise storage, enhance workflow, or create a safer environment, our tailored services are designed to meet your unique needs.

From designing efficient layouts to installing state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure, our team employs cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to transform it into a well-organised and productive healthcare environment.

Our Clients

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Efficient and Hygienic Spaces

Quality and safety are paramount in our hospital refurbishment process. We proudly uphold the highest industry standards and regulations to safeguard your staff and ensure the enduring quality. Our stringent quality control procedures ensure that every facet of your project is flawlessly executed, resulting in a space that is both functional and unwaveringly secure.


Discover your needs and unlock the potential of your commercial space.


Create a project that mirrors your business requirements and the individuals you hire.


Plan the execution to ensure it flows smoothly, operates efficiently, and minimises disturbances.


We guarantee a high standard of construction quality with the industry's finest commercial fit out teams.

Sustainable Hospital Refurbishment

We understand the critical significance of sustainability in contemporary fit out and design. Our dedication lies in incorporating eco-friendly practices throughout our projects, aiming to reduce environmental impact while offering effective solutions for our clients.

We collaborate with you to devise and execute energy-efficient strategies, contributing to the reduction of carbon footprint. This includes optimising lighting systems, HVAC, and other energy-intensive elements, ultimately decreasing energy consumption and cutting down on operational expenses.


Our Hospital Refurbishment Services

We understand that each space is distinct, just like its purpose, and that’s why our fit out services are customised to fulfil all your specific needs.

Patient Centric Design

Transform healthcare spaces with designs that prioritise patient comfort, healing, and well-being, promoting faster recovery and a positive healthcare experience.

Acoustic Solutions

Finding the perfect balance between functionality and acoustic excellence. Create a peaceful, focused, and efficient healthcare environment, minimising disruptions and prioritising privacy

Glass Partitions

Choose from tempered safety glass ensuring durability to customisable options for privacy and aesthetics.

Suistainable Health Care Spaces

Incorporate sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials into your project, reducing environmental impact while delivering modern and energy-efficient healthcare facilities

Walls & Ceilings

We specialise in crafting state-of-the-art ceilings and walls, harmoniously merging form and function to craft inspiring, custom solutions.

Flooring & Lighting

Improve your space with innovative flooring and lighting solutions to help create a warm and welcoming environment.

Mechanical & Electrical

Upgrade efficiency, sustainability, and reliability with our state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical system enhancements.

Carpentry and Bespoke joinery

Explore our tailored carpentry solutions. Elevate your space, enhance functionality, and foster a distinctive healthcare environment.

Toilets and Washrooms

Enhance your environment with modern toilets and washrooms. Prioritising cleanliness, water efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

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Get in touch with us to start your new project. Whether you have inquiries about our hospital fit out services, need more information, or are ready to discuss your upcoming project, our team at SJP Interiors is here, ready to provide support.

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Your Trusted Partner

We’ve established collaborations with diverse partners nationwide to deliver outstanding fit out, and design projects.

60+ Years Expertise​

With over 60 years in fit out projects, SJP Interiors takes pride in its rich legacy of consistently delivering high-quality and successful ventures.

Award Winning Excellence

Our glowing endorsements from a wide range of clients serve as proof of our quality, innovation, and consistent dedication to detail in the field of hospital design.


Our team of professionals, certified by pertinent industry bodies, ensures not only compliance with but a consistent surpassing of rigorous quality and safety benchmarks.

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