Revitalising Educational Spaces: Interactive and Engaging School Fit-outs

revitalising educational spaces

The physical environment in which students learn plays a crucial role in their education. Traditional classroom setups, with static seating facing a teacher’s desk, are not always the best for encouraging active learning and participation. The concept of school fit-outs, or redesigning educational spaces to better meet the needs of modern students and teachers, offers an exciting opportunity to improve how education is delivered. 

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The Need for Innovation in Educational Spaces

Traditional classrooms are often seen as limiting to student engagement and learning. Research shows that dynamic learning environments, which support a variety of teaching and learning styles, can have a positive impact on student outcomes and well-being. The layout and design of a classroom can significantly affect a student’s ability to engage, collaborate, and understand new concepts.

Principles of Interactive and Engaging Designs

To create spaces that promote engagement and learning, several key principles should be considered: flexibility, inclusivity, and the integration of technology. Classrooms should be able to adapt to different learning activities, including group work and individual study. Incorporating technology into the classroom should go beyond having computers in the corner, and embedding it into the learning process itself. Additionally, bringing elements of the outside world into the classroom, such as natural light and plants, can create a more inviting and stimulating learning environment.

Strategies for Revitalising Educational Spaces

Making educational spaces more interactive and engaging involves concrete steps. For example, using modular furniture can allow for easy reconfiguration of the classroom to suit different needs. Technology should be seamlessly integrated into lessons to enhance learning. Designing spaces for group work can foster collaboration among students, while quiet zones can support individual study and reflection. It’s also important to ensure that every student can comfortably and effectively use these spaces.

Engaging School Fit-outs

SJP Interiors’ Educational Projects

From Vision to Reality: Glebe Farm School Transformation

Glebe Farm School in Milton Keynes embarked on a transformative project to enhance its infrastructure. The project included the installation of SFS, partitions, and acoustic solutions, accommodating around 1600 students for the 2022 term. This project underscores SJP Interiors’ capability to execute large-scale educational renovations.

Four-Story College: London Design and Engineering UTC

The construction of a new four-story college in London showcased our expertise in drylining, ceilings, and acoustics. Notable features include three roof atriums that bring natural light into the building, dedicated rooms for specialised subjects, and an outdoor terrace, illustrating our commitment to creating inspiring educational spaces.

Elevating Educational Spaces: Eastbrook Primary Teaching and Specialist School

This project involved the development of three new build structures, including primary and comprehensive blocks. Our accelerated work ensured a smooth transition for pupils, showcasing our ability to manage complex, staged delivery processes while focusing on creating high-performance, engaging learning environments.

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Enhancing Oakgrove Primary School

The new build of Oakgrove Primary School involved specialised trades, particularly in SFS and External Cladding. Our collaboration during the design phase enabled a cost-effective, high-quality solution that matched the existing campus aesthetics, demonstrating our expertise in enhancing educational facilities through thoughtful design and execution.


Moving Forward

Revamping educational spaces to be more engaging and interactive offers a clear path to improving student learning and satisfaction. By moving away from a one-size-fits-all classroom design, schools can create environments that better support diverse learning styles and activities. As education continues to evolve, so too should the spaces in which it takes place, ensuring that students are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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